YoungEnergy is family owned and based in Fort Worth, Texas. At YoungEnergy we love our customers and will do just about anything to make them happy and feel valued. All customer service representatives are bilingual to serve the growing hispanic markets as well.

YoungEnergy is committed to excellent service, pricing, support, and product offerings with the most convenience to you and you're family or business with a down home feel.

Get setup quick and easy, $0 down and no credit check makes it a snap to get going! Call 1-888-9-NEW-ELECTRIC / 1-888-963-9353 and start saving today.
Young Energy Summer Startup Rates
Apartment Pricing
Apt 1 Bedroom $199.00
Apt 2 Bedroom $199.00
Apt 4 Bedroom $199.00
Trailer Pricing
Trailer - 1 or 2 Bedroom $499.00
Trailer - 3 or 4 Bedroom $499.00
House Pricing
House - 1 or 2 Bedroom $499.00
House - 3 or 4 Bedroom $499.00
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